Online Advertising Campaigns

We manage ad campaigns on social media as well as on search engines for creating leads.


How is your business coming along? Online advertising is one of the best ways to promote your product or services to a targeted audience. You pay only for the clicks or impressions and the results are direct unlike SEO, which can take months for visible results. You do not have to take care more of SEO instead; you pay to bring the traffic directly to your website.

How effective is your online campaign?

We understand that online campaigns involve a lot of money and so it’s important that you maximize your ROI. No doubt, naturally generated traffic is highly profitable however it is time consuming. This time period may go between 6-12 months fetching zero return; hence may not be acceptable for all businesses in desire of an instant requirement of leads. Our expertise in online advertisement help companies to bring more targeted traffic to their website with minimum cost.

Online Advertisement services that we provide include:

  • Pay per click or PPC, is a popular online advertisement service where you pay for every click or impression on your advertisement.
  • Display Network Advertising. This is similar to PPC but it reaches out more users as it uses targeted keywords in a unique way.
  • Banner advertising. You pay for the space on a popular website to display the ad of your website.
  • Social media advertising to help you grab eyeballs of users in the social media sites like Facebook.

These strategies are necessary for websites based on e-commerce.

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