Ideal Length for Digital Content

To stand out on social media is an art; those who perfect this art with spontaneity grab the desired engagement. After all this is what we all long for! Isn’t it? While exploring the intricacies involved in creating updates that actually make a difference on social media; length of text cropped up as an important factor.

Yes, the secret to massive engagement lies in the length of all that goes online. Different length as well as varying number of words and characters is what makes all the difference. Never paid enough attention to this aspect? Here’s brief information on perfecting the art of ideal length:

The ideal character count:

Tweets with 100 characters or less have a 17% higher engagement rate.

Facebook posts with 40 characters grab 86% more engagement as compared to the posts with higher character count.

Google+ posts should be completed within 60 characters to have more people read it.

Opening paragraphs with larger fonts and fewer characters per line invites reader’s focus and allows easy movement from one line to the next.

Domains as short as 8 character work wonders. Reason being it’s simple; thus easy to remember and spell. Remember not to include hyphens or numbers in the domain and ensure to have .com extension.

Hashtag, an essential part of every tweet should possibly comprise of 6 characters for best impact and use.

Email subject lines containing 28-39 characters get an open rate of 12.2% and click rate of 4 % on average.

The title tags should not exceed 60 characters or it will get shortened with an ellipsis.

The ideal word count:

Blog Headlines need to be catchy and not too long. Owing to this, it should comprise of 6 words.

LinkedIn posts vary a little based upon whom they are addressed to. If the LinkedIn post is being marketed to businesses, limit the word count to 16-25 words. If you are marketing to consumers, a 21-25 word post would fetch most shares.

Blog posts comprising of 1600 words are most apt. Overall, 74% of posts that are read are under 3 minutes long and 94% are under 6 minutes long. But exceptions are always there and as per the expert bloggers at Digibox Online; it’s the idea and expression that matters most in blogs. So, you could luckily skip the word count in this part while ensuring that it shouldn’t be so short that the meaning blurs.

We hope that this post has been an insightful one to read and reach the desired level of perfection when it comes to Digital content management.

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