Business Blog-A boon for improving online presence

Business Blog-A boon for improving online presence

Every business has a website but seldom do businesses realize the importance of having an official blog that’s updated with good content on a regular basis. But the importance of blog section in your website cannot be undermined. This is because the core pages of your website (homepage, about, pricing, products/services, contact) are relatively limited in terms of optimizing for keywords other than your service and location. You don’t have much text to work with and the goal is to distill the information down to the essentials visitors are looking for. Right?

But it’s important to note that a business blog can be a boon in improving your business’s presence over Google Search engine. How? Let’s get started then! Each blog post you publish has the potential to dive deep into a relevant keyword and be individually optimized to rank for that keyword, allowing you the opportunity to appear in search results for tons of searches your target customers are performing at various stages in their journey. More first-page appearances don’t just mean stronger web presence; it also equates to more traffic to your conversion-optimized site and greater credibility.

In fact, businesses that publish blogs three times a week get 3.5x more traffic and 4.5x more leads than businesses that only blog once a week. This makes it quite clear that a Business blog is an extremely important digital asset for any company.

Plus, this is where you can demonstrate your expertise and let your brand personality shine through—both of which play into the reputation component of your online presence.

When blogging for online presence, make sure to:

  • Target one keyword (or keyword theme) per post and include it in your title, headings, image file names, alt text, and meta description.
  • Target question keywords with H2s to increase your chances of showing up in “People also ask.”
  • Use numbered and bulleted lists where appropriate to be featured Snippet-friendly.
  • Promote your posts using social media and email.

So, if you don’t have a blog section in your website then go on to include it and if your blog section has been lying empty then it’s time to put efforts in updating it regularly for your business’s sake.

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