Start-ups cannot forgo the need for Digital Marketing

Being a start-up, the main concern is to reach as many target customers as possible in minimum time. The mistake that many start-ups commit during their initial stage of inception is to limit their online presence to just a website. By doing so, they seem to neglect the fact that without any visitors to their site, there is no way to make any profit. Your […]


9 Simple tricks for increased content sharing

A blog post created and posted doesn’t do any good to your brand unless it reaches the target audience. The internet space is massively flooded with content and hence ample efforts need to be put in to get the word out there. Hence smart sharing strategy is a must. Are you planning the strategy now? To make the task a bit easy, we share a […]


Digital Marketing- “The new age PR”

  From the time when worldwide updates could be arrived at by flipping through the pages of newspaper; we have undoubtedly arrived in the age where things have completely transformed. We have moved from the “traditional” to “digital” where placement in search results matters more than being sighted in any news daily or magazine. The crux of the story is that if people wish to […]


Ideal Length for Digital Content

To stand out on social media is an art; those who perfect this art with spontaneity grab the desired engagement. After all this is what we all long for! Isn’t it? While exploring the intricacies involved in creating updates that actually make a difference on social media; length of text cropped up as an important factor. Yes, the secret to massive engagement lies in the […]


4 effective ways to evaluate your Digital Strategy

Digital Marketing strategies need to be altered to suit the needs of different client segments. The strategies are also evolved with the new developments coming across each day in digital space. But while adapting to all the changes; the need to measure the results cannot be undermined. It is the key to observe if the strategies are moving in the right direction or not. Here […]


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