Start-ups cannot forgo the need for Digital Marketing

Being a start-up, the main concern is to reach as many target customers as possible in minimum time. The mistake that many start-ups commit during their initial stage of inception is to limit their online presence to just a website. By doing so, they seem to neglect the fact that without any visitors to their site, there is no way to make any profit. Your main concern when starting a business is to ensure online presence that helps you reach people as well as convert those online visitors into purchasing customers.

To accomplish this, you need to take up two main strategies: “Digital Marketing” and “Search Engine Optimisation”.


Cost Effective: Being a start-up, you have limited budget and thus cannot afford to spend much when it comes to marketing. Digital Marketing comes to your rescue by letting you build your audience without having to spend much.

Measurable: Unlike traditional marketing, the effects of digital marketing are scalable. The digital platform generates the insights that help quantify the impact of work done towards brand promotion. You can very well track the number of online visitors, their demographics, effectiveness of your online posts and much more. Overall, digital marketing keeps you better placed at knowing how effective your marketing methods are.

Future Trend: Digital marketing is the future of brand building. Hence, an investment in digital marketing today can benefit in the long run. Competition is on the rise, all brands are struggling to evolve and sustain their online presence. Hence, steps taken right now towards Digital marketing go a long way in giving you upper hand over other brands that enter the online space later. Thus, there is no time than the present to start growing your online audience.


Search Engine Optimisation is often considered essential until high page rankings are attained. However, it’s important to know that getting position in top pages of search engine is just one aspect of SEO. If you wish to maintain the top ranking and stay ahead of the competition then you need to put in even more effort in SEO.

Further, mobile search is increasing at an exponential rate and so is the online traffic directed from the smartphones. By having your SEO in place; you don’t just reach customer base with ease but also ensure that your online business is easily located by traffic directed from mobile phones.

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