9 Simple tricks for increased content sharing

A blog post created and posted doesn’t do any good to your brand unless it reaches the target audience. The internet space is massively flooded with content and hence ample efforts need to be put in to get the word out there. Hence smart sharing strategy is a must.

Are you planning the strategy now? To make the task a bit easy, we share a few tools that themselves are nothing less than a “Blog Sharing Strategy”. Check out the best ones listed below:

  1. Catchy Title

A good title plays an important role in grabbing eyeballs. It should stand out on social media and for all this to happen; it should be enriched with certain elements.

  • Keep some numeric in your content as such posts perform better.
  • Use powerful keywords like “best”, “interesting” etc.
  • Many times negative titles prove successful in grabbing attention.
  1. Ease of Sharing

Add sharing icons to all your blog posts as it increases the probability of content being shared. Tools like Po.st and the Flare share bar could be used for doing this.

  1. Optimize for Social Media and Google

Twitter and Facebook allow you to show visual content from your posts when they are shared on the social networks. Twitter Cards and Facebook Open Graph could be used to simplify this.

  1. Creative images

A blog seems incomplete without an image. Great images could be created using graphic design software-Canva. To increase pinterest sharing, you can add a Pin It button to your blog posts.

  1. Share on maximum platforms

The content posted on the blog should be shared on social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Tumblr. Tools like Dlvr.it allow to automatically share your content. You can also schedule the content to be shared on a specific date by using Chrome Do Share and Buffer App.

  1. Share to email lists

For increased reach as well as sharing of the content, you can build your email list. Optinmonster is a tool that could be used for building the list, then email content using Aeweber, Mailchimp, GetResponse, Ontraport or Infusionsoft.

  1. Do Outreach

To reach the interest groups or the target audience, search the frequently used keywords relevant to your content. This helps build engagement. You can search the influencers on Grouphigh as well as Twtrland and manage outreach using Buzzstream.

  1. Measure performance

Monitoring the performance of your content is the ultimate way to improve by planning better posts for future. You can easily track the links by using Google URL builder. Google Analytics, Kissmetrics Analytics and Buffer Analytics are also good tools to be used.

  1. Share it again!

If there is any content that you feel is a “Good read” then you can share it once more after a few weeks or a month.

Further, if doing all this seems tricky then Digibox Online could prove to be your best partner in creating as well as implementing a Digital Marketing Strategy for your Brand.

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